History of Crab Lane

Although our school first opened its doors in 1904, the school records date back to 1885 to a time when the children of the area were taught in a two -roomed school-house, off the entrance to Maryville Estate, in Ballintemple Village. A trip through the old Roll Books tells a fascinating story. The Register lists the names, addresses, ages and of the enrolled children and also parents’ occupation.

At the beginning of the century many parents were listed as porters, sailors, gardeners and labourers and in 1906 a coachman is recorded. Transport changes from the horse became evident as the children of tram, engine drivers and conductors were enrolled.

In 1909 the occupation of one parent was given as car-owner!

Another was a telegraph-operator. Such was the march of technology!

Cookery Class of 1929

The second decade of the century sees a notable increase in the number of soldiers recorded as a result of World War I. Gardeners and labourers remain much in evidence still. The period beginning 1921 has the first enrolment of children of those working in the then recently established Ford plant The addresses of these children was given as Beaumont. Older residents of Blackrock will remember the ‘cottages’ erected at the end of Beaumont Avenue by Fords to house their advance party of technicians. Change in administration becomes evident in the first entries in Irish in 1928. One parent was described then as “Saighdúir Gallda” (British Soldier). By 1931 all names are in Irish.

In the 1940’s there are still large numbers of labourers and gardeners recorded but the post-World War Two period brought rapid change with the children of workers in Dunlops, E.S.B., Shell, etc in evidence. Lastly, there is an interesting contrast in the christian names of children in 1916 and 1991. The girls of 1916 Bessie, Lily and Daisy, gave way to Aoife, Ashling, Laura, Linda, Danielle and Holly in 2001!