School Self Evaluation and School Improvement Plan 2022/2023

Digital Learning Framework  2022/2023

The curriculum followed at Ballintemple National School is based on the following principles:

  • The full and harmonious development of the child
  • Respect for individual differences
  • The use of activity and discovery methods
  • The use of environment based learning when possible
  • The use of group teaching
  • Ensuring that there is an effective programme for pupils with learning difficulties

The following subjects constitute our curriculum:


To provide the children with the opportunity to explore the Irish Language and to develop a love of Ireland’s culture and traditions through the use of our native language.


Oral Work: Encouraging every pupil to grow in confidence and ease of self expression

Reading: Promotion of reading for pleasure and purpose.

Writing: We aim to ensure that every pupils literacy is in accordance with age and intellectual ability.

Poetry and Drama form an integral part of our English programme.


We lay a secure foundation of skills, understanding and knowledge in order for each child to attain his/her full potential. Our primary aim is to allow each child to develop his/her confidence around numbers and problem solving and to bring the skills learned into todays world.

Social and Environmental Studies

This programme aims to stimulate and foster in each child an interest in the world around him/her.


To foster attitude and curiosity

To provide interest and enjoyment

To develop the ability to define problems and to find solutions

To encourage children to appreciate their environment


To enlarge the musical experience of each child through singing, music making and listening, choir work and concerts

Knowledge of instruments is a key to the appreciation of music as a whole.

Music as a source of entertainment.


We aim to promote the physical well being of each child. We aim to develop a suitable range of motor skills and to help each child to cultivate desirable social attitudes. We provide opportunities for dance, gymnastics, athletics, swimming, orienteering and games. We also teach a range of skills for team sports such as Basketball, Soccer, Rounders, Football and Rugby.

Arts and Crafts

A wide range of arts and crafts are catered for in order to encourage creativity in each child.


Picture Pattern Design


Life Drawings




Still Life



Observational Drawing


Papier Masche

Tie Dye

Stained Glass Windows


Paper Weaving

Paint Techniques

Colour Wheel


Cross Stitch



Toy Making


Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE)

SPHE takes place in a number of ways in the school and the involvement of parents at all stages of the programme is essential for its effectiveness. Children learn through experiencing a positive school climate and atmosphere and by exploring aspects of the curriculum through relevant subject areas. The curriculum includes RSE (Relationships and Sexuality Education), Stay Safe and the Walk Tall programme.